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  • 6 ways to shop small and support local businesses when searching for gifts.

    Here at LLB we are all about supporting small independent businesses, so we'd like to share some tips on how you can shop small and shop local with ease...
  • 7 Easy & Cost Effective Ways To Go Plastic Free In Your Home

    Around half of the plastic manufactured each year is used only once before it's disposed of. Find out what small changes we can make and how to get started...

  • Maker Spotlight Series - MYTHYN

    Spotlight Series on Indie Makers - MYTHYN

    One of the best parts of Little Local Box is working with some amazing small businesses. Knowing that there is a face and a person behind each and every item we lovingly select. Find out more about the journey of Mathilde of MYTHYN.

  • Let's talk gift box packaging

    As a result of the growing global conversation on plastics, sustainability and ethical practices, it’s great to read there are a growing number of consumers who are conscious about how and what they are spending their well-earned money on.

    Find out more about Little Local Box and what we are doing to reduce plastic and excessive packaging.