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Let's talk about our sustainable plastic-free gift box packaging

Little Local Box - Plastic-free & sustainable gift box packaging

Discover the perfect eco-friendly gift with our sustainable little gift boxes 

Did you know only around 9% of the plastic produced since the 1950’s has been recycled. Shocking right?

As a result of the growing global conversation on plastics, sustainability and ethical practices, it’s great to read there are a growing number of consumers who are conscious about how and what they are spending their well-earned money on.

"As conscious consumers we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy" Emma Watson.

Fast fashion and impulse buying seem like they are thing of the past, with many now asking more questions about what’s behind the brand and their ethos.
Up until the middle of last year that was me, with those questions to various companies that I enjoyed. I continue to enjoy most of them today, but I am more mindful before I hit the 'buy' button.

That is why when I started Little Local Box, I did so with sustainability in mind.

We are not perfect but we are proud to say there is no greenwashing here! We do what we say and try to incorporate sustainable practices/options throughout our gift studio wherever we can!


Little Local Box - Eco-friendly gift box packaging

So let's break it down! (no pun intended haha)

Our postal boxes are made in the UK and are FSC Certified Recycled, which means they are made of 100% recycled paper. They are fully recyclable and home compostable.

Our tissue is FSC Certified 100%, which means the paper is from wood grown from sustainable and managed forests. It is also printed using plant-based inks and is free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are known to release harmful greenhouse gases.

Our gummed tape is FSC Certified Recycled and is plastic-free. It can be popped in with your paper recycling or home composted.

Our stickers are plastic-free and are made of paper which is FSC Certified 100%. They can be popped in to your weekly paper recycling or home composted.

Our mailing bags which keep your beautiful gifts safe while in transit are made of grass paper. They are plastic-free, fully recyclable, compostable and made by a climate neutral company.

Our gift box filler keeps all the beautiful items inside the box safe and intact, for this we sourced a natural FSC Certified Recycled paper shred. We are considering using wood wool in the future however when we launched there was a shortage due to the pandemic, so we opted for shred for the time being.

Little Local Box - Sustainable and eco-friendly gift set packaging


We have put a great deal of thought in to each and every element of our eco-friendly gift box packaging. We hope it gives you some peace of mind as it does to us knowing that it won't be sitting in landfills for decades to come.

Of course there is always more we can do, however as a new tiny business for now, we are happy knowing we have taken active steps to offer our customers a more sustainable way to gift to loved ones.

Best of all we are delighted to be working with some amazing like-minded indie businesses, who are taking the steps within their inspirational brands to create with a lighter touch. This not only means our packaging is plastic-free but so are the contents of our gift box collections. There is the occasional use of biodegradable plastic but rest assured, if disposed of properly, it won't be sitting in a landfill for decades.

Discover the Conscious Choice: Little Local Box's Thoughtfully Curated Gift Boxes.

If you'd like to know more about our eco-friendly and sustainable operations or about our 'give back' head over to our 'Little Us' page.

Have a great day! 

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