We are taking a short summer break. All gift orders received from 1st July will be despatched on the 24th July. Thank you for your patience.

Little us

Our ethos

At Little Local Box we’re here to help. We understand the importance and sentiment behind every gift. Whether given in person or through the post, we appreciate the love that goes in to finding and wrapping that perfect gift so you can bring joy to your loved ones day. 

Our hope is to make it simple for you to send earth-friendly, thoughtful and beautiful gifts, whilst supporting like-minded small independent businesses in the UK.

We know that time can get ahead of you, that's why our collections are ready-to-send and come stylishly gift wrapped in our eco-friendly packaging. 


Our green values

We are conscious of the footprint we leave behind, which is why we try to do our best to tread lightly and help it fade.

We plant one tree for every gift box purchased.

One Tree Planted


We've partnered with One Tree Planted who are a not-for-profit organisation committed to global reforestation, and were involved in planting over 23 million trees in 2022. You can read more about their exciting projects for this year here.

What else?

Our cardboard boxes, filling and printed material are fully recyclable and compostable, although we hope that elements of these are either re-used or re-purposed.

We showcase like-minded artisans and therefore we can say most of our gift boxes contain virtually no plastic at all (some contain a small amount of biodegradable plastic which can be composted at local facilities).

We like to help reinforce a circular economy by reducing and re-using packaging within our daily operations. We re-distribute the packaging we receive from our partners to local businesses who then re-use these rather than recycling them immediately. 

The printed material in our gift boxes use only plant-based and water-based inks and where possible we use 100% recycled card/paper.

We power our gifting studio and office via our own solar panels, and when it's not so bright and sunny we are powered by a renewable energy tariff.

Our space is heated with a super-efficient Air Source Heat Pump.

Even our post-office/delivery runs are via our electric vehicle.

We work hard to implement sustainable approaches to our daily operations to minimise our carbon footprint and we know our customers love this about us.


Our people values

We love the planet and we also love the people on it!

That's why we donate 5% of our profits to charities who support various projects around the world. In 2023 we will be donating to:

Pencils of Promise - A global charity committed to providing primary education to children in some of the most deprived countries. They aim to give children a better start to enable a better future. You can read more about the charity here.


 Little Local Box - We donate 5% of our annual profit to Pencils of Promise.


Our Christmas Giving this November and December will see £1 from the sale of every gift box, being donated to British Red Cross - the Israel and occupied Palestinian territory appeal via Work for Good.

Work for good

Black Friday 2021 for us was all about about Giving Back, all orders from our Christmas collection saw us donate a bar of soap to The Hygiene Bank. They work tirelessly to ensure cleanliness is not a privilege but a right, and should be accessible to all from homeless people to those on a low income.


Fuel Bank Foundation

In December 2022, your gifts helped to support the Fuel Bank Foundation. They work tirelessly to ensure those individuals and families in the UK, who are most vulnerable and are in need of emergency heating/electricity, do not go without.  



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